Why write a book? Why the Hashtag?

I think it’s important to share the reasons behind my writing the book #WarriorWomen – Find your tribe and live your best life!

The older I get, the more I want to live my purpose! From a really young age I knew I wanted to help people and for the most part my career has been focused on helping people and communities. But a lot of my work has been about helping people to get through difficult times and just function – Coaching, however, introduced me to helping people actually live BETTER lives, more focused, purposeful and truly living the best life possible!

So writing a book, for me, was about sharing what I found in coaching and applying it to women’s lives, particularly women who are like me, who have been career focused,had children, changed career pathways, lived with depression and are at the middle of their life!

As a woman very focused on my career and work life success, pregnancy and motherhood came as an absolute shock to my system, my identity and my mental health!

I hated pregnancy and those closest to me knew that, but I came across this code of silence with impending motherhood that, to be truly honest, I didn’t like! Why do we keep the shitty parts of pregnancy and motherhood to ourselves? Why do we have to pretend we are loving it or doing well when we’re not? Why don’t ALL women band together and surround new mothers with love, support and FOOD?

I think as society has evolved we have become more isolated from each other and women are now expected to do this motherhood gig almost entirely on our own, where we used to have a village to surround us and take care of us during this monumental life change.

My goal for this book is to give women the tools to seek out that village, I like to call it a tribe as you may have guessed, and to surround ourselves with women who will help us get through our major life changes – especially having children.

The book is also a call to action for women to start sharing the load, both the mental load and the practical load of parenting and life in general (you may have read my blog on the Mumma Mental Load recently)!

If we want our partners to share the load equally then it starts with us letting go of the reigns (a little at a time if that’s a scary thought for you). How can we expect men and partners to pick up their game if we don’t let them?

In the workplace we have to start demanding better flexibility so that we can parent AND work in the career of our choice! We have to start asking for change, in many cases we have to start fighting for change – so this leads me to the hashtag and why it’s on the book and in everything I write.

Hashtags start trends, hashtags lead you to places of interest, hashtags start revolutions that change the landscape of our society. And whilst I am just one person, by using this hashtag, my hope is that it will one day lead to a revolution, where #warriorwomen are recognised as leaders of the revolution that sees women being open and honest about their needs, where women are equal in the workplace and receive the benefits of flexibility whilst forging their careers at the same time as parenting. Where women support other women and their choices, where women stand beside each other through ALL of our major life changes and encircle each other with the love that is so unique to the sisterhood!

Those are my crazy big hopes and dreams and so I wrote a book. But it’s not just a book about this stuff, it’s a self-help book that gives women the actual tools to start making changes in their lives and gets them the support they need.

If you do read my book there are things you will find out about me that you may not have known. In an attempt to become more real and honest in my life, I share things that are very personal (not all things, I am still on this journey of real authenticity).

To be truly connected as women, we need to be real, we need to be honest, we need to show our true selves and for all of that to be OK!

I’m grateful to have the opportunity to share my voice around these issues. I hope you and all the women I know and don’t know can take something from my book that will help them to find their tribe and live their best lives.

Fiona x

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