Mind-Design Founder and Head Coach Fiona Stubbings is the author of #WarriorWomen – Find Your Tribe and Live your Best Life.

#WarriorWomen outlines some of the major transitions in the lives of women and contains self-coaching tools and strategies, and encourages women to support each other as part of their own tribes, across every aspect of their lives.

Fiona’s passion is in empowering women and children to navigate major life challenges, so their outlook, experience and outcomes are positive, future-focussed and strengths-based.

For any woman who’s been through a major life transition

“I wrote #WarriorWomen for women across the world to start seeing life transitions not just as a trial but as an opportunity to make positive changes to their lives.

“This book is for any woman who’s been through a major life transition. Whether you’ve just had or are having children, changing careers or going through a mid-life transition. It’s a book for all women. It’s intended to show that we’re not alone; that we can build a community of #WarriorWomen together, wherever we are.”

#WarriorWomen symbol

The #WarriorWomen symbol is a symbol of unity. The triangle represents the strength of women. The lines interconnect and lift, showing that it’s not one single women alone but, rather, the tribe of women supporting each other who have the greatest strength.

Tools for true #Warriors

“Having tools and strategies at hand to help you navigate through the changes in life more positively and with a focus on the future is my hope for you. The messages within the book will help you to realise that you can have whatever it is you want if you truly believe you can.

“I want you to take your life to the next level of happy. To aim for and start to plan for bigger, brighter and more fulfilling lives filled with success, joy, love and the support of your #WarriorWomen tribe.

“Throughout the book, I offer coaching tips and strategies and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) techniques for navigating your life forward in different areas. I hope they help you to see ways to turn the crappy parts of major life transitions upside down, so their power over you and your future is gone! These strategies are for taking you to the next level, where you can live your best life.”

A major Mind-Design service is #WarriorWomen coaching.

Are you ready to add Fiona to your tribe of proud, supportive, fierce women?