Mind Design Coaches

At Mind Design Coaching, we provide personal and corporate coaching services to assist people to navigate their way through major life transitions.

We offer one-to-one coaching, group coaching and executive packages, to all members of the community, and specialise in working with women and the unique life transitions they encounter.

Fiona Stubbings

Fiona Stubbings is a certified Coach and NLP Practitioner. Fiona holds degrees in Psychology and Social Work, and has over 17 years experience working with communities to improve the lives of children, women and families.

Fiona’s passion lies in empowering people to make positive changes in their lives, and she has a strong commitment to equality and social justice for women.

Fiona has faced many of her own life transitions and challenges including moving overseas, getting married, having children, changing careers, starting businesses and her personal transitions continue.

The turning point for Fiona came when she realised she was not fulfilling her deepest desires in her working life. All her life she wanted to help people and empower them to change their lives. She spent many years trying to do this in the field of social work and had some successes but when she found coaching and Neuro Linguistic Programming she realised she had the potential to help people change their lives in extraordinary ways and look to the future, rather than the past, to find the answers to real  success and happiness.

Fiona is currently writing her first book about #WarriorWomen, and the many transitions in the lives of women. She is a thought leader in managing women’s life  transitions, and is leading the way for women across the world to see life transition as an opportunity to make a positive change to their lives.

Fiona’s life goal surrounds taking life to the next level for herself and for her clients.

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