Mind Design Coaches

At Mind Design Coaching, we provide coaching services to women and children to help them navigate their way through major life changes.

We offer one-to-one coaching, small group coaching, workshops and executive packages, and specialise in working with women and the unique life transitions they encounter, and also children, helping them to build resilience and manage the ups and downs of growing up.

Fiona Stubbings

Fiona Stubbings is a certified Professional Life Coach, NLP Practitioner and children’s WISDOM coach. Fiona holds degrees in Psychology and Social Work, and has over 18 years experience working with children, families and communities to improve their lives.

Fiona’s passion lies in empowering people to make positive changes in their lives.

Fiona has faced many of her own life transitions and challenges including moving overseas, getting married, having children, changing careers, starting businesses and her personal transitions continue.

Having two young children, Fiona understands the need to help children develop a positive mindset, build their resilience to manage fears and change and the ups and downs of growing up, so that they don’t have to try and reset their brains to learn new mindset pathways in adulthood.

Fiona is currently writing her first book about #WarriorWomen, and the many transitions in the lives of women. She is a thought leader in managing women’s life  transitions, and is leading the way for women across the world to see life transition as an opportunity to make a positive change to their lives.

Fiona’s life goal surrounds taking life to the next level for herself and for her clients and teaching kids to go for it in life!


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